It takes a little while to get out there on search engines but I am starting to get attention. I have to call them once in awhile for a little help but not much. There is no communication to help buyers with seller committing fraud.

So now, instead of just giving me a refund or picking something different, I am out of money and a game that is just trash. I used to buy from them with no issues but after this, never shopping with them again. Several hours of testimony about the gun and forensic testing during online hearings in recent days provided a dress rehearsal for the possible trial against Baldwin.

Pai gow poker casino card games | Bonanza Review: Is It Legit? Updated

I am adding a new comment here, I FINALLY received the products 3 weeks after I placed the order. So I am very glad to say that everything turned out ok in the end. On this site, they are at 3.9 stars on any other similar sites their score is around 2.5 stars. This is typical for Bonanza, they will do anything to cheat. I hope Trustpilot will look into this matter.


You need to write the number of days it will take for you to get the order to the shipping service. The next option requires pai gow poker casino card games you to fill in the specific address you will be shipping from. While we resolve the issue, check out these similar games you might enjoy.

pai gow poker casino card games

When an item is sold, a rate of 3.5percent of the final value must be paid for all items under 500. For items over 500, sellers must pay 17.50 plus 1.5percent of the amount over 50. Since the customer is not purchasing or paying fees to Bonanza directly, there is no direct refund policy. However, a buyer can negotiate with the seller. The shipping cost is chosen by the seller. As a buyer, always check the shipping costs and timeline for getting the purchase.

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Today, my entire account was shut down without any form of explanation. The only answer I get from customer service is that they can’t provide any information as to why my account was deleted. I’ve been selling on Bonanza for over 8 years as a top-rated seller. I’ve had the same items listed since day one. I don’t make any on Bonanza, but the listings are FREE, you have the background burner , the seller fees are low, and you have a few link-things so I can share to other sites.

(Tax liability 5.3percent) They have also inflated the shipping costs. They attempted to overcharge me on sales tax. Sales tax is supposed to be charged based on a buyers zip code. I later learned that disputes have to go though the buyer’s credit card company, as Bonanza does not offer any type of purchase protections.

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pai gow poker casino card games

If they would have offered a more reasonable percent fee in order to provide me with satisfactory customer service. I would have been satisfied; but they did not… They took an additional 25.00 out of my bank account… I called the phone number which was listed with the transaction on my bank account and of course got a recording. I left my information, and it has been four days…